Blessings, Cleansings, Prayer and Consultations


Energy/Spirit Healings: Includes consultation, advising, prayer and more. *This is not for physical ailments this is healing of the soul/spirit healing… Using Native American Spirit Medicine.

Blessings and Cleansings: If you are in need of a blessing or cleansing ceremony for any occasion, I will travel to you at no additional charge, within a 50 mile radius.  Once onsite, I will facilitate and interactive blessing or cleansing ceremony, by utilizing intention, connection to spirit and the burning of Sage or Cedar to bless or cleanse.  *Popular addition to New homes/house warmings, Business ribbon cuttings/grand openings, and any rites-of-passage i.e. graduations, weddings etc. 

Consultations: can take place in person locally, or over ZOOM. They consist of basic targeted conversations regarding my unique specialized knowledge of Spiritual issues and encounters, as a natural born Medium. Common topics are Spiritual/Paranormal/mediumship/ experiences and insight. This is popular among writers, podcasters, and others that are interested in the above, other people in the field looking to gain different perspectives, people who are on their own Spiritual journey and looking to grow in their abilities, content creators and more.