This Full-Day Paranormal Exploration Package Includes 6hrs. of Paranormal Exploration including:

  • Brief History of area to be explored, visit to local attractions (when applicable)
  • short intro to Paranormal Research, data/evidence collection thru the use of paranormal investigative techniques equipment and tools
  • interactive exercises and experiments created to develop your own perception further, and Guided Group Spirit communication sessions (Using the “SPIRIT BOX”).

*Equipment is provided and Guests have full use of ALL the equipment available.
Feel free to use personal cell phones and cameras as well, live streaming is also permitted when signal is available.

After all, our mission is to NORMALIZE the Paranormal!

Note: After we review the footage captured on our still cams etc., we will digitally provide you with a photo/video highlight reel from your Groups Exploration Event (please allow up to 3 business days, if we can post it sooner we will) please feel free to download and share your experience with others.

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