Workshops and Special Events: Spirit Insight for wellness and Empowerment Series


Part 1: “Manifesting your own Luck and Prosperity” This 1hr and 30 min. Workshop is an amazing investment in self, which will offer unique Spirit insight, secrets, and advice on the unseen mechanisms behind manifesting your own Luck and Prosperity. You will leave this workshop with tools and techniques that you can begin to implement instantly, so that you can put yourself on the right track to begin receiving all of the blessings that are meant for you.  *Part 1 presentation will be presented live via ZOOM, and REPEATED, every Friday in April, 2022 from, 6pm-7:30pm PST. Upon purchase you will be sent the links to all feasible workshop dates. You simply join the Workshop on the date that works best for you. 

Part 2: “Maintaining Wellness through Times of Change and Transition” will also be presented live over ZOOM

Part 3: “How to connect with your Spirit guides and how to Nurture the Connection” This is a much requested topic and will make for a very exciting, informative, and interactive experience. You will hear Spirit insight, tips and tricks, and interesting ways that they like to communicate with us that we may not be aware of. Also, look forward to a live interactive Q and A with the Spirits themselves on the topic of communication during a group Automatic writing session.

Special Event: Spirit communication and interactive communication experience. Learn tips, tricks, and techniques used in the field of Paranormal investigation, and unique ways that I use in my life as a Medium, become familiar with equipment and operations of tools of the trade and how to encourage tangible spirit communication. To wrap up this event, participants will put what you’ve learned into action as you conduct a group communication I facilitate you intuit for best possible interaction. Spots are limited and this is popular. PRE-PURCHASE is strongly encouraged! (Conducted live over ZOOM).