Private Spiritual Wellness Services

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I am Kaitlin. I’m a 6th generation Native American Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Medicine Healer, Natural-Born Channeler, and Spirit Medium. I have honed my gifts and abilities over my lifetime by fire through what I jokingly (not-so-jokingly) refer to as the “Spiritual/Paranormal School of Hard Knocks.” I continue to master my ability to communicate with Spirit every day, not only to assist others on their journeys, but to maintain my relationship to Spirit and to enrich my life by maintaining my own Spiritual health and Wellness.

For me, this is not a career path, and saying that it is “my calling” does not do justice to my dedication and passion for what I do. This is my LIFE, my very being, and my unquestioned life path/responsibility.

Enhanced by curiosity and necessity, my abilities and unique skill set have helped me overcome and understand many of life’s hardships and blessings. Because of the personal strength that I have drawn from my experiences, I happily dedicate my life to helping others who are in search of Understanding, Healing, Guidance, Support and Development.

*Native American Teachings, Spirit Readings, Mediumship Services, Womens Wellness Retreats (In collaboration with Michelle Belasco-Owner at Self-Love Wellness in Vista, CA.), One-2-One Developmental Journeys, Spiritual Healing, Individual and Group-Tabletop Spirit-communication Sessions, Blessings, Cleansings, Paranormal Exploration/Problem Resolution and Assistance and More! Private and Corporate experiences available for all services!

What is Your Wellness?

How Can We Support?

Connection, Comfort, Insight, and Guidance

Mediumship Services

We pride ourselves on offering a Safe, Private, and Sacred space for you to incorporate your own personal Spiritual Wellness practices and explorations.

Book this sacred space by the hour to practice your wellness privately. Or let us hook you up with a luxurious wellness pick-me-up with our “Vibe Check” special.

(You simply set your intention and we set the vibe with hand-picked aroma therapy and sound therapy, to enhance your wellness experience.)


Share Your Experience

“I’m not sure where to begin other than each one-on-one experiences have truly been nothing short of amazing. The energy the vibes everything! I feel so enriched after each session with unbound underground. It came out in a session that I am an empath, not knowing what that meant till later doing my own research and realizing how it all made sense! My life began to make sense, I have to this day those “ah ha” moments about my life. It gave me amazing insights to what I’m feeling and feelings I get, like I’m finally beginning to understand who I am. I was also lucky enough to be able to find out who one of my guides is. I can’t explain the energy I felt in that session when It was confirmed who one of my guides was. This experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, brings you closer to this side of life that many will not open up too. Each session I learn more and more about myself that I didn’t even know or should I say that open my eyes to making sense about my life and myself. If you get the opportunity to experience a session with unbound underground TAKE IT!! You won’t regret it.”



“My experience with Kaitlin made me a believer.  I had my doubts, but not anymore. Her quiet calm demeanor helped me relax and help me to communicate with my loved ones and answer questions that finally gave me peace and closure.  Kaitlin was very respectful to me and my loved ones, politely asking for permission to communicate in a good way.  Equipment and photos confirmed our communication and who we spoke with.  This is more than the mediums and psychics that I have seen on TV or that I have gone to.  Kaitlin has a gift and is the real deal.  I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Kaitlin for your experience.”


“What a calming, educational, enjoyable and spiritual experience. I enjoyed every moment. Kaitlyn is so patient and helpful. She teaches along side you as you experience your own spiritual realm. Kaitlyn provided the atmosphere, tools and patience to be able to open up to new and wonderful experience! If you get the chance to watch her draw and hear the story attached to her drawing is an absolute treat! I love Kaitlyn. She herself is a blessing to this world!”


Jen B.

Jen B.

“Kaitlin really has a way of making you feel at peace during a reading. You can tell she is effortlessly connected and always has spot on insightful messages. She explains the process very well, and lets you know what you can do to get the most out of your readings.”

Noel W.

“My experience with Kaitlin was beyond anything I have experienced ever before. Having digital evidence to support and validate my suspicions is what makes the experience. With Kaitlin to guide you through, makes it so awesome! I highly recommend her guidance.”


“Each Experience has been unique and positive and really fun. Kaitlyn is professional, knowledgeable and well prepared. The equipment really enhanced the experience. Each experience has been authentic and not contrived. We had amazing results and I would highly recommend this company and this experience to anyone. .”

Mikey A.

Mikey A.

“… my first one on one spiritual reading from unbound underground was truly amazing.. words cannot explain what I felt that day .. I went with my mother and daughter.. we needed some guidance for a family member .. spirit knew why we were there and we got right into .. it was amazing to see how spirit works through Kaitlin.. we also were able to ask other personal questions ..we not only received the help we needed for our loved one but also some of our personal questions .. we laughed and cried .. it was truly an amazing experience I will not forget…”

A. Rodriguez

A. Rodriguez


Find answers to all of your questions here

What is this?

This is Supportive Spiritual Wellness and Spiritual Exploration services.

How much does it cost?

We offer private Spiritual Wellness Services. Prices vary based on Service.

Our most popular In-person Services range from $10-$55.

With Memberships and Mediumship Sessions ranging between $111-$888.

*View our Brochure for complete list of Prices and services.

What type of amenities are available for my use?

Some Amenities that are included with ALL services and also available with Sacred Space Rentals by the hour, include but are not limited to:

Access to:

Cozy Blankets, Yoga Mats, Meditation Spaces, Reading/Meditation canopy, Massage push back recliner, Bluetooth speaker, essential Oil Diffuser and essential oils, relaxation fountain, Spiritual and self-help mini-Library, fresh sheets and pillowcases, to aid in your relaxation. (There are also small cubbies available want to bring your own.)

Electric Tea Kettle and Complimentary: Sweet Treats, Nourishing Snacks and hydrating beverages, hot tea, coffee, water.

Everything you need to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

What is the Bathroom Situation?

There is No bathroom within the studio itself, however, the Large multi-stall office building bathroom is directly next to my office space. within 30ft.

Are children allowed?

Yes, if they are accompanied by an adult, and at the parents’ discretion.

Age 14+ if receiving a service and must be checked-in by an adult.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we are proud to offer Military, Elder (55+), and Student Discounts. Call me directly  to book and receive this discount. (775) 450-3234.

Do I need a reservation?

***Online Advanced Booking is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to ensure availability***

You are Welcome to Walk-in during Office hours which are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8am-2pm, but the space may be in use.

Bookings Are Available 7 days a week from 8am-8pm, those that fall beyond listed business hours are available by Appointment ONLY.


Refunds and Cancellations

No Refunds but Contact us in advance and we will happily help you reschedule.

* Due to high demand, we do not allow reschedules or refunds, for missed appointments.

What if anything should I bring?

Bring whatever you need to be comfortable and celebrate your wellness. i.e. change of clothes, music headphones, sleep mask, etc.

*Please No Smoke, and no substances

Can I bring my own Wellness tools?

Please do! Our mission is to support your individual Wellness journey. Please bring what you need, we have small cubbies available to store your things.

Please just make sure that whatever you bring in you also carry out.

*We are not responsible for missing, stolen or damaged items.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Please feel free to nourish yourself within our sacred space, please just be mindful that someone will be coming in after you.

*We will always offer a little something to sip and snack as well.

Do you accommodate Groups?

This is a small space.

As of right now we are hosting individual clients and small groups only.

However, if you have a small group (10 or less) we will always accommodate to the best of our ability please just contact us directly as this will take a smidge more planning. (775) 450-3234.

Our Story

About Us

Unbound Underground was established by a Mother and Daughter, as an open invitation to the world to Explore deeper into the natural human curiosity surrounding spiritual existence and the Soul-Sustaining comfort and Guidance delivered within Spiritual messages and experiences. It is a Joy to help others find comfort and meaning in celebrating the deepest connection, that never ceases to exist…for it is unbound! Our passion has grown and evolved, since first beginning to bring our “good medicine” to the public in 2018, to now include and encompass all facets of Spiritual wellness from individual empowerment, overall wellness, development, comfort, support and much more. It is important for us that our clients and friends take-away a great comfort in knowing and owning their own POWER.

Witnessing over and over again the power of Spirit and the transformative nature of standing in one’s own power. It is clear to us that Spiritual Wellness is an integral and Soul-sustaining journey essential to enrich the Human Experience, we are simply here to support you on your journey.

Some Food for thought straight from Spirit: “If you are given all the answers…Sometimes you miss the lesson.”