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As a 6th generation Native American Spiritual Practitioner, channeler, and Spirit Medium, Kaitlin has honed and mastered her ability to communicate with Spirits, both out of curiosity and necessity over her lifetime. Her abilities and unique skill set have helped her overcome and understand many of life’s hardships and blessings. Because of the personal strength she has drawn from her experiences, she has dedicated her life to helping others who are in search of understanding, Guidance, and even adventure. She draws messages from Spirit through channeling and Automatic Writing and gives back to them in a very unique way, by offering them a tangible experience to show her gratitude by allowing the Spirits to create artwork using her as the MEDIUM. Come on in and take a look at their unique pieces of art or bring your questions to Kaitlin, sign up for a Spirit Reading, or plan an adventure.

Explore The Unknown

What lies after
What Came Before

We pride ourselves on offering a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE Environment for Paranormal and Spiritual Exploration. Only YOU, choose who you share this experience with.

Upon receiving your online booking, we will contact you directly to begin tailoring your exploration to you or your crew.

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Our passion was born through our search for understanding.

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Travelers Say

“We went on a family trip to the Mizpah hotel in Tonopah NV with Unbound Underground and it was an exciting experience. There was a lady spirit that wanted me to sit on the bed with her…even seen a big dark figure in the closet thanks to unbound underground high tech equipment…from cameras to sound equipment. We were able to communicate some with our unexpected guests..”



“… my first one on one spiritual reading from unbound underground was truly amazing.. words cannot explain what I felt that day .. I went with my mother and daughter.. we needed some guidance for a family member .. spirit knew why we were there and we got right into .. it was amazing to see how spirit works through Kaitlin.. we also were able to ask other personal questions ..we not only received the help we needed for our loved one but also some of our personal questions .. we laughed and cried .. it was truly an amazing experience I will not forget…”



“I’m not sure where to begin other than each one-on-one experiences have truly been nothing short of amazing. The energy the vibes everything! I feel so enriched after each session with unbound underground. It came out in a session that I am an empath, not knowing what that meant till later doing my own research and realizing how it all made sense! My life began to make sense, I have to this day those “ah ha” moments about my life. It gave me amazing insights to what I’m feeling and feelings I get, like I’m finally beginning to understand who I am. I was also lucky enough to be able to find out who one of my guides is. I can’t explain the energy I felt in that session when It was confirmed who one of my guides was. This experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, brings you closer to this side of life that many will not open up too. Each session I learn more and more about myself that I didn’t even know or should I say that open my eyes to making sense about my life and myself. If you get the opportunity to experience a session with unbound underground TAKE IT!! You won’t regret it. Especially experiencing contacting spirits.”



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Find answers to all of your questions here

What is this?

This is Guided Paranormal and Spiritual Exploration.

How much does it cost?

We offer private, customizable, exploration events: Prices vary based on venue, size of group, travel etc. Contact us directly for a quote (775) 450-3234.

How much walking is involved?

There is a fair amount of walking involved on all of our Explorations, the most strenuous being on the “Para-Eco” exploration outings. Some buildings and locations have stairs as well. However, if you book and contact us in advance, we can make small alterations to the itinerary that will cut the walking portion down considerably. We accommodate where we can at no cost, please just let us know if you have any concerns so that we can give you the best experience possible.

What type of equipment will be provided?

Provided Paranormal research equipment will include, but not limited to: Digital EVP recorders, EMF detectors, K-II Spirit Boxes, Digital cameras/camcorders, flashlights, Multiple tripods, and phone mounts to stabilize your cell phone camera, Digital Full-spectrum cameras, Night Vision, motion sensors, laser grids, Laser Thermometer, wearable action cams, as well as the Kinect camera-figure mapping camera.

For “Para-Eco” outings we also provide basic camping Gear. I.e. Tents, mats, coolers, flashlights, towels, Bear-bags, matches, lanterns, basic 1st aid kit, rain ponchos etc.

Is Transportation provided?

Many people prefer to drive their own vehicles, but transportation is provided if needed during Explorations, if you need pickup/drop off this can also be arranged, please let us know in advance.

Will I be able to view the evidence collected on supplied equipment?

YES! Any evidence captured on our equipment is property of Unbound Underground Paranormal Guide services for further research. As it is also documentation of your exploration adventure, you will also receive a digital-compilation- Highlight Reel with our findings from your outing upon review. Please allow us 3 business days following your Exploration adventure to get this to you.

What is the Bathroom Situation?

All indoor exploration locations are equipped with Bathrooms on site. A sani-hut will be rented for your comfort for all Outdoor Exploration Packages.

Are children allowed?

Yes, at their Guardians discretion.

Do you offer any discounts?

Senior 55+ and Military (With Required ID) call (775)450-3234 for discount code.

Do you investigate homes?

Yes. We offer home investigations, as well as in home single/ Group Spirit Readings, and house cleansings.

If your investigation is for adventure purposes, contact us to plan a “You host, we Ghost” package. We investigate alongside you in your own home. This is our most affordable and a great option for curious locals *sells out quickly in the month of October reserve ASAP If interested.

***(If you are in need of assistance with paranormal happenings contact us directly (775) 450-3234). We investigate free of charge, as a public service, when it comes to Paranormal/Spiritual consultations and conflict resolution.

What if anything should I bring on my Exploration?

Please bring your own sleeping BAG if on the “Para-Eco” outing

Anything you think you may need i.e. required medication. We supply the research equipment, basic gear if outdoors, and lite refreshments.

We will send you suggestions for clothing and essentials before your exploration outing to make sure you will have an enjoyable experience.

What if I get too-scared?

We have many tips, tricks and techniques to help you thru intense moments of fear; we also make “basecamp” as neutral and calming as possible. This is YOUR exploration experience we will never force you to continue, I you are no longer comfortable for any reason, we will escort you back to a secure space or even to your vehicle so you can be on your way. *Do not hesitate to communicate with us this is YOUR experience, we follow your lead.

Is it scary?

It can be. Everybody’s experience is unique to them. Some people experience fear, but most find experiences to be more exciting, interesting, and surreal. very rarely scary.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Reserved booking is required for all of our services.

*Book early during October and Dec. as Bookings are at high volume.

I need to reschedule…

We do not offer refunds for any services, but we will be happy to help you reschedule.

*(With the exception of any event which requires a venue booking deposit. in this case, there will be no refund AND any rescheduling would require a whole new booking and the new fees involved).

Is this Refundable?

Unbound Underground Paranormal Guide Services are Non-Refundable, once they have been booked.

Exception *If an unforeseen problem occurs on our end and we are unable to provide our services, we will happily refund you in full.

Will I be allowed to use the specialized Investigative equipment?

ALL equipment that we provide is for your use during your paranormal exploration outing with us!!! We will show you how to properly use all of the equipment. We are here to guide you, but we want you to have a HANDS ON experience. You will have direct use of all of the equipment as you let your senses lead your exploration.

Can I bring my own camera/video camera/equipment during an exploration outing?

Please do. Our mission is to normalize the Paranormal. We provide equipment also, but whatever you capture on your own devices is your property. Feel free to live stream also, if you wish to share the experience.

Do you ever cancel based on weather?

Only in EXTREME cases that cause Safety Concern i.e. flash flooding. Extremely rare, but you would be refunded fully in this case.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Please feel free to, we will always offer a little something as well, and coolers are available for “Para-Eco” exploration outings.

What is the maximum Group size?

We have no size limitations. We do our best to accommodate all client needs.

please call us directly to plan these customized events.

Do you offer Private tours?

Yes. Call us directly (775) 450-3234.

I am currently experiencing paranormal happenings at home, can you help?

YES! You have come to the right place. We will do our best. This is our specialty. See our review section to see others that we have assisted.

We offer our services free of charge when it comes to Paranormal/ Spiritual conflict resolution investigations and consultations. (Dependent on Travel and Lodging) If you are in need of assistance with paranormal happenings, contact us directly (775) 450-3234 ask for Kaitlin and know that “I believe you”

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Our Story

About Us

Unbound Underground Paranormal Guide Services was established by a Mother and Daughter, as an open invitation to the world to Explore deeper into the natural human curiosity surrounding paranormal existence and the unknown.

Unbound Underground itself, is a Paranormal Research and Exploration Team comprised of a Family of curious, empathic, intuitive, and spiritually well-traveled Native American Women. Connection to Spirit is not only our passion, it is a calling that we have inherited through our bloodline. Our passion was born through our search for understanding. We created Unbound Underground Paranormal GUIDE SERVICES to offer a warm, welcoming, fun and exciting opportunity for people to create and explore their own experiences through Paranormal Research.

We supply the equipment, stake out locations, and outline experiments all in the name of Adventure and Exploration. It is our Mission to NORMALIZE the Paranormal. Our Purpose is to simply give guest the guidance, tools, encouragement, and the environment to possibly have their own experience and, to ultimately, make up their own minds.

We want people to explore the paranormal with uninhibited exhilaration, in a neutral-judgement-free environment.

This is more than a tour this is your Paranormal Exploration Experience!

We encourage our guests to open their minds, and senses, and adventure on! The experience…is in the adventure.