About Kaitlin

Hey there!

I am Kaitlin, a 6th generation bloodline inherited-Native American Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Medicine Healer, Natural-Born Channeler, and Spirit Communicator “Medium.” I have honed my gifts and abilities over my lifetime by fire, through what I jokingly (not-so-jokingly) refer to as the “Spiritual/Paranormal School of Hard Knocks.” I continue to master my ability to communicate with Spirit every day, not only to assist others on their journeys, but to maintain my relationship to Spirit and enrich my life by maintaining my own Spiritual health and Wellness.

For me, this is not a career path, and saying that it is “my calling” does not do justice to my dedication and passion for what I do. This is my LIFE, my very being, and my unquestioned life path/responsibility. Enhanced by curiosity and forged out of necessity, my abilities and unique skill set have helped me overcome and come to understand many of life’s hardships and blessings. Because of the personal strength that I have drawn from my experiences, I happily dedicate my life to helping others who are in search of understanding, healing, guidance, support and development.

Some of my current offerings include but are not limited to the following: Native American Teachings, Spirit Readings, Mediumship Services, Spiritual Wellness and developmental Retreats (In collaboration with Michelle Belasco-Owner at Self-Love Wellness in Vista, CA.),  Path to Mediumship Mentorship (a 1:1 Spirit guided developmental journey) Individualized journeys based on individual intention, all journeys (personal or developmental) are spirit guided in order to expedite growth, enhance connection and to catalyze exponential progress, Spiritual Healing, Individual and Group-Tabletop Spirit-communication Sessions incorporating spirit friendly technologies, Blessings, Cleansings, Paranormal Exploration/Problem Resolution Assistance (I specialize in Spiritual Attacks and attachments), Individual Empowerment and More!