What People Are Saying

“My experience with Kaitlin made me a believer.  I had my doubts, but not anymore. Her quiet calm demeanor helped me relax and helped me to communicate with my loved ones and answer questions that finally gave me peace and closure.  Kaitlin was very respectful to me and my loved ones, politely asking for permission to communicate in a good way.  Equipment and photos confirmed our communication and who we spoke with. This is more than the mediums and psychics that I have seen on TV or that I have gone to.  Kaitlin has a gift and is the real deal.  I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Kaitlin for your experience.”

-Beccy S.


“If you are looking for an Amazing reading, I definitely recommend Kaitlin.  She is very accurate, and I was also surprised she talked about the Star People.  I don’t talk to anyone about the Star People, but she had the Sacred information. I Appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my journey!”

– Venus T.


“I recently had the profound privilege of working with Kaitlin Crawford through her Native American Spiritual Practitioner Services. From our first meeting, Kaitlin’s deep connection to her heritage and her extensive knowledge of Native American spiritual practices were evident. She approached our sessions with genuine compassion, respect, and a holistic understanding of spirituality that transcended my expectations.

Kaitlin’s guidance helped me navigate personal challenges with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Her ability to create a sacred and safe space for healing allowed me to delve into aspects of my life that needed attention, and her insights were both transformative and empowering.

What sets Kaitlin apart is her unwavering commitment to authenticity and her deep respect for the traditions she upholds. She is not only a practitioner but also a bridge to a rich cultural heritage that she shares with grace and integrity. Each interaction left me feeling more grounded, spiritually connected, and equipped with practical tools to continue my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kaitlin Crawford to anyone seeking spiritual growth, healing, and a deeper connection to oneself.  Her services are a true blessing, and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life.”

– Brenda H.


“I had a 30 minute reading and have never had such a great reading in my life! She was spot on with every detail and even had loved ones details about what they would say. Such a beautiful experience and can’t wait to see her again.”

– Wynonna


“Kaitlin from Unbound Underground has been a wonderful guest on our show multiple times. She has shared her incredible experiences from paranormal investigations across the United States, along with her deep expertise in all things paranormal. Additionally, Kaitlin has generously shared insights from her Native American culture and beliefs with our audience. Unbound Underground will always have an open invitation to our show, and if you need any paranormal or spiritual guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to her!”

-Morgana (Wyrd Awakenings)


“Kaitlin really has a way of making you feel at peace during a reading. You can tell she is effortlessly connected and always has spot on insightful messages. She explains the process very well, and lets you know what you can do to get the most out of your readings.”

– Talia W.


” I first had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Kaitlin at a spiritual healing workshop many years ago. My friend went first and was able to find out information about her spirit guides. When I sat down with Kaitlin, I thought my experience was going to be similar; however, instead of connecting with my guide(s), my deceased stepfather came through. The information that she knew blew my mind. So much in fact that after my mother’s passing in January, I reconnected with Kaitlin again in the hope that I could get some questions answered surrounding my mother’s final wishes. I was able to get all of my questions answered and more! Much like the first reading, there were questions asked that only my mother would have known the answer to. My mind was blown.
My readings with Kaitlin not only gave me answers to burning questions I had for my loved ones, but also helped me realize that after someone passes, they are with us, and in what can be a very lonely world, we are never walking in this journey alone.
Kaitlin is a very knowledgeable and gifted person. Someone you can trust to safely guide you through your spiritual journey.”

– Connie V.


“I’m not sure where to begin other than each one-on-one experience have truly been nothing short of amazing. The energy the vibes everything! I feel so enriched after each session with unbound underground. It came out in a session that I am an empath, not knowing what that meant till later doing my own research and realizing how it all made sense! My life began to make sense, I have to this day those “ah ha” moments about my life. It gave me amazing insights to what I’m feeling and feelings I get, like I’m finally beginning to understand who I am. I was also lucky enough to be able to find out who one of my guides is. I can’t explain the energy I felt in that session when It was confirmed who one of my guides was.”

– Kassandra R.


*(Testimonial in response to a retreat collaboration with Michelle Belasco, of Self-love Wellness)

“There couldn’t be a better name for a retreat, I felt showered with Love every step of the way. From the moment I arrived til the moment I departed. Michelle, Kaitlin, Jessica, and Jenny are beautiful souls that project their love and spiritual work in their own unique ways of healing. Through all of their work, I have not only opened up my mind, soul, and third eye to accept any messages I receive from spirit for the greater good in life, but my heart has learned to love again. This retreat has shown me that there is no greater love than the one we have for ourselves. Self-love is not selfish, it’s Necessary. Not to mention the sisters I have gained, the bond is unbelievably strong. To know that you have someone to share and understand you in ways that no one else can, it’s priceless. This is a group of empowered, strong, motivational women filled with unconditional love. I would one thousand times recommend this journey to anyone out there yearning to rediscover themselves but I warn you be ready for an experience of a lifetime and to once again feel the power of Love. From exploring mother nature, to star gazing, and healing rituals, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.”

-Char F.


“Every experience I’ve had in consultation with Kaitlin has been eye-opening and transformative. She offered me tools such as meditation, natural healing advice, dreamwork, personal mythology, and ritual (among others) to help me figure out certain situations that were causing me pain. Her worldview is influenced by her Native American ancestry, and she draws from a vast well of Washoe and Paiute philosophies (you can read that as: SOLUTIONS TO YOUR TRAUMA). Her approach is gentle and kind, and she’s a hell of a lot of fun. If you haven’t given her a call, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

-Lori LeClaire


“I have known and worked with Kaitlin from Unbound Underground for years at point and she has always been great! Whether you are looking for paranormal services or spiritual guidance/wellness, she is dedicated to providing the very best experience. She is super knowledgeable as well, having dedicated much of her life out in the field and guiding people to understanding the esoteric aspects of our existence. If you’re reading this considering Unbound Underground for services, let this be your sign to engage! “

– Henry Tully


*(Testimonial in response to a retreat collaboration with Michelle Belasco, of Self-love Wellness)

“I wanted to say that our retreat to Sedona was amazing!  Coming together with such beautiful loving and powerful women was a blessing!   The space we were in was so serene healing and wonderful.  All the time and effort Michelle and Kaitlin put into our time together was well worth it.  The peace and acceptance I felt from everyone was so healing for my spirit. Coming away from all that love with new soul sisters is beautiful.   I will forever try to make it to all of the retreats you put together.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Thank You

-Lisa Orr


“My first one on one spiritual reading from unbound underground was truly amazing. Words cannot explain what I felt that day. I went with my mother and daughter; we needed some guidance for a family member. Spirit knew why we were there, and we got right into it. It was amazing to see how spirit works through Kaitlin. We also were able to ask other personal questions. We not only received the help we needed for our loved one but also some of our personal questions. We laughed and cried; it was truly an amazing experience I will not forget”

-A. Rodriguez


“My experience with Kaitlin was beyond anything I have experienced ever before. Having digital evidence to support and validate my suspicions is what makes the experience. With Kaitlin to guide you through, makes it so awesome! I highly recommend her guidance.”

-Sheila S.


“Each Experience has been unique, and positive, and really fun. Kaitlyn is professional, knowledgeable and well prepared. The equipment really enhanced the experience. Each experience has been authentic and not contrived. We had amazing results and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.”

-Mikey A.


“This experience is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, brings you closer to this side of life that many will not open up too. Each session I learn more and more about myself that I didn’t even know or should I say that open my eyes to making sense about my life and myself. If you get the opportunity to experience a session with unbound underground TAKE IT!! You won’t regret it.”

-K. D.


“What a calming, educational, enjoyable and spiritual experience. I enjoyed every moment. Kaitlyn is so patient and helpful. She teaches alongside you as you experience your own spiritual realm. Kaitlyn provided the atmosphere, tools and patience to be able to open up to new and wonderful experience! If you get the chance to watch her draw and hear the story attached to her drawing is an absolute treat! I love Kaitlyn. She herself is a blessing to this world!”

-Jen B.


*(Testimonial in response to a retreat collaboration with Michelle Belasco, of Self-love Wellness)

“I want to personally thank Michelle and the self-love wellness team for the powerful investment you have done in my life. It was a transformation that will follow me in this healing journey forever, you all have taught me so much in such little time. When I was going up that mountain my healing was focused on just guilt and anger, something that I recently discovered, but through spirit you allowed to guide it deeper. You ladies went to the root cause of what was causing my guilt and anger, the hurt area that I didn’t know I was carrying the heaviest, it was because of your sensitivity and connection to spirit, I can now face so many challenges with a different mindset and heart. The preteen drama and childhood trauma wasn’t allowing me to live the life I have been called for. This is just the beginning. I have gained my power back. I learned myself worth and how to value myself. I just want to thank you for allowing yourselves to be used in such a powerful way. I don’t take it lightly at all. If it wasn’t for you allowing yourselves to be used and guided my life wouldn’t have been transformed.
Thank you for being vulnerable you hold a special place in my heart and my soul. Thank you for such great hospitality. I cannot wait to see you all again!”


-Maritza T.


“Kaitlin from Unbound Underground has been a guest on our show many times throughout the years and has been amazing! She has shared her amazing experiences working with others and executing elaborate paranormal investigations all over the United States. We’ve even had shows where she is on location giving a play by play of an active investigation while providing the audience details of the overall energy of the exploration. Unbound Underground will always have an open door to share on our show, and if you need any paranormal or spiritual guidance, please reach out to her! “

-Where in the Folk (Podcast)


*(Testimonial in response to a retreat collaboration with Michelle Belasco, of Self-love Wellness)

“There are no words to Express what I experienced during my time at the retreat Michelle and her team made me feel at home and welcomed from the moment I arrived Michelle is full of life love and energy and eager to share her gifts and help others this has been by far the best decision I have ever made I not only reconnected with myself but I discovered new ways to help me find peace at Heart and reach my goals I put Myself first now Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for All That you do.”

-Reina O.


*(Testimonial in response to a retreat collaboration with Michelle Belasco, of Self-love Wellness)

“At the retreat I gained a new love and appreciation for myself and nature. The lodge was cozy, and the food was delicious. I felt like I was home. I received healing sessions, readings, acupuncture, as well as participating in nature walks, energy release, ceremonial dance, and journaling. The best part of the retreat is the 7 new friendships and loving support we provide to free each other. I can honestly say this was THE BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE it opened the door to so many opportunities to move forward”

– Mallory F.


“Kaitlin is phenomenal! She has an incredible gift – if you have an opportunity to book a session with her, do it…you won’t be disappointed!”

-Shanea S.


“HauntingLive Podcast was honoured to have guest Kaitlin Crawford of Unbound Underground be a guest on our show. Kaitlin came on to talk about her spiritual gifts in spirit communication and share some of her experiences during her paranormal investigations. She also gave the hosts some personal readings and we were more than impressed with what her abilities that come through. As well as with her experiences we are pleased she respects her indigenous background and knowledge that brings through her techniques and shows when she conducts her readings.”

– Trevor & Chris