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I had my first Paranormal Investigation with Unbound Underground in August of 2018, and I never really believed in the Paranormal until that night. I had some unbelievable experiences.

There were some parts where I was terrified, but it was fun and I would definitely love to do it again and experience the paranormal again.

Anthony C.

I have always been a believer in the Paranormal. However, I’m new to actual paranormal investigations. In recent investigations with my family and friends with Unbound Underground, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the “other side” using equipment such as video camera and sound machines (AKA the Spirit Box).

This has really opened a whole new area of my
experience. My advice to a new person exploring would be for them to use their cell phone video to record sessions. So far that is where I have captured most of my evidence.

The sound machine (AKA spirit Box) is also pretty awesome once you learn the frequency and where to look for evidence, your mind just opens up to the realization that we are never alone. Kind of a sobering and scary thought.

D. Gros-Ventre of Alburquerqe, NM

In March of 2019 we went as a group with Unbound Underground. Stayed in 4 rooms 3 connected at Silver Queen in Virginia City NV.

Kaitlin was the lead investigator and guide. She showed us how to use the Spirit box, light grid, tarot cards and how to communicate with any spirits present.

I loved the way the investigation was done in a respectful manner. We all had a fun and successful night. Had our proof like none of us expected. Looking forward to our next event we can attend.


“I have been on 2 ghost hunting tours/over night retreats with Kaitlyn and my bestie Mikey from grade school. What a calming, educational, enjoyable and spiritual experience. I enjoyed every moment. Kaitlyn is so patient and helpful. She teaches along side you as you experience your own spiritual realm. Kaitlyn provided the atmosphere, tools and patience to be able to open up to new and wonderful experience! If you get the chance to watch her draw and hear the story attached to her drawing is an absolute treat! I love Kaitlyn. She herself is a blessing to this world!”


Jen B.

Jen B.

“I have been on 4 adventures with Unbound Underground. Each Experience has been unique and positive and really fun. Kaitlyn is professional, knowledgeable and well prepared. The equipment is up to date, well maintained and really enhanced the experience. Each experience has been authentic and not contrived. We had amazing results and I would highly recommend this company and this experience to anyone. The artwork is profound and a must-see.”

Mikey A.

Mikey A.

“It was an amazing experience; I would definitely do it again!”

Jassen T.

Jassen T.

“My experience with Kaitlin made me a believer.  I had my doubts, but not anymore. Her quiet calm demeanor helped me relax and help me to communicate with my loved ones and answer questions that finally gave me peace and closure.  Kaitlin was very respectful to me and my loved ones, politely asking for permission to communicate in a good way.  Equipment and photos confirmed our communication and who we spoke with.  This is more than the mediums and psychics that I have seen on TV or that I have gone to.  Kaitlin has a gift and is the real deal.  I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Kaitlin for your experience.”


“My experience with Kaitlin was beyond anything I have experienced ever before. Having digital evidence to support and validate my suspicions is what makes the experience. With Kaitlin to guide you through, makes it so awesome! I highly recommend her guidance.”


I stayed at the Silver Queen in Virginia City, NV on March 1, 2019; there was 9 of us (a family).

My first encounter was 5 minutes after stepping into the building.

We had went up the stairs by the front entrance, our room was the first door on the right. I remember walking up, putting our bags down, and walking out to get more stuff. While descending the stairs, I can hear my Fiances steps in front of me, and I hear mine as well, we were the only two there when I heard steps walking down behind me as if someone was there as well.

I remember getting goosebumps, so I slowly turned my head around and no one was there. I quickly made my exit, but that’s when I knew, this was a little more serious than I thought. Shortly after a small group of us had went to tour the Washoe Club during it’s open hours.

Touring the Washoe Club for the 4th time in my life, I had a felt a shift in the air this time in particular; I think they knew what our objective was. Usually I don’t mind the dark and creepy places with just a flashlight. But after visiting the Washoe club then meeting up with everyone at the Silver Queen, I knew we were really stepping into new waters. When we all gathered in one room, I was afraid of what may
happen next, but deep down I knew majority of us knew Ghost are real, at least SOMETHING is there, and we don’t deny it.

Sitting in the room at first I didn’t want the lights to be turned off, but the group was the right people. The right energy, the right motivates. Our goal wasn’t to disturb them, our goal was too see if any of them had anything they needed to say, maybe needed a small push to cross over. Now the one thing that did terrify me was when we had asked a spirit if they wanted to talk to anyone in specific. Over the Spirit box we heard “Tammy.”

Tammy was the only one at the time who had stepped away from the group. During our whole visit from the moment I walked in the hotel I had felt eyes on me, watching every move. I didn’t let it bother me as much, because I knew they had to be curious to see a group a Native Ghost Hunters.

From my personal experience the Silver Queen’s vibe changes every hour.

A few weeks later we had a group meet up, and reviewed all our findings, we made sure to review everything and questioned everything.

All evidence that we found, was evidence we couldn’t debunk, our trip made some.

Starla G.

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